The most interesting facts about bull animals


A bull is not castrated adult male of Bos Taurus species. The female of these species is called as cow. A bull is more aggressive and muscular than a cow. A bull plays a leading role in the dairy farming, beef ranching and a wide range of cultural activities.  A bull is more muscular than a cow and known by larger feet, thicker bones, muscular neck and bony head which includes protective ridges over eyes. All these characteristics assist bulls animals in fighting for power over a herd. The bull which wins in the fight gets access to cows for reproduction. There is woolly hair in the neck and head of the bull.  A bull has a hump on its shoulders. A full-grown bull weighs up to 2000 pounds.

Bulls eat foods rich in protein and alfalfa hay which provides essential nutrients.  There are four compartment stomachs in bulls. In general, bulls eat vegetarian and swallow foods whole. They regurgitate these foods later into their mouth for chewing known as chewing the cud.  The overall lifespan of a healthy bull is from 20 to 25 years.

Many people worldwide nowadays seek safety suggestions when they face threat postures of bulls under any circumstances. They have to avoid their idea to move too quickly. They have to move back slowly and watch the bull until they reach the safe place. They can use a cane, baseball bat, stick or handle to handle a bull.

Some genres of bulls are raised for riding purpose worldwide. They consume up to 30 pounds of mixed grain. Owners of bulls make sure about proper health inspections for their bulls on a regular basis. They treat bulls as one of their family members. A copper ring is placed in noses of a bull to control it. This ring is attached via a small hole cut in the nose’s septum.